Miller Brothers


Craftmanship at Miller Brothers


Here at Miller Brothers, we source all of our natural stone directly from quarries with only top-grade materials available.

We offer the very latest in technology when it comes to stone, which is something we are constantly investing in, but we also take particular pride in our handwork finishes and craftsmanship. The importance of craft and precision is bestowed onto all of our tradesmen at our factory in County Wicklow.

We believe that craftsmanship is in the details, and ultimately, it's those details and finishing touches that make all the difference when it comes to making your dream home a reality.

Viewings of our natural stone materials are available by appointment. Get in touch on 0404-32222 to make your appointment.


Craftsmanship, his Uncle Cornelius had once told him, was just a fancy word for what happened when labor met love.
— Author: Dennis Lehane