Miller Brothers


Custom-Made Fireplace Project


Miller Brothers recently completed a bespoke home in South County Dublin with four very special fireplace, some traditional and the other more modern.  These beautiful one-of a-kind fireplaces were fabricated using a number of different materials as specified by the client. These materials included a mix of Portuguese Limestone as well as Italian Quartzite.

Whilst a fireplace can often create a focal point to a room, it also adds architectural character and warmth. There really is no feeling like sitting beside a wood buring stove whilst the winter nights draw in.

If you are interested in getting a fireplace surround for your home project, we have viewings at our Natuaral Stone Warehouse by appointment every Saturday. Each fireplace surround is custom-made to your exact specifications, so the stone options and finishes are endless.

Materials used: Eden White Limestone, Grigio Quartzite, Eden Grey Limestone.


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