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Before & After- Superlative Quartzite Bathroom Installation

A recent project of a luxury bathroom installation in South Dublin. Material Used: Superlative Quartzite.

This stunning material sourced from Italy has a beautiful wavy pattern with subtle blue tones.

Quartzite is a very popular choice amongst homeowners, architects and interior designers. It is a metamorphic rock that initially started out as sandstone and evolved over time under intense heat and pressure. It is then quarried and cut into slabs.

It is a naturally strong and durable stone. It has a very similar look to marble but requires much less maintenance making it the perfect material for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, vanities and feature walls.

Have a sneak peek below at some behind the scene shots from this recent project!



Quartzite Superlative Bathroom Installation



Quartzite Superlative Bathroom Installation